do you ever have those people on your dash that upload a new selfie every week and say shit like “rlly like this one” or “GUYS I LOOK CUTE TODAY REBLOG THIS” and it literally looks like the same fucking picture over and over lik you can’t tell the difference at all, same pose, same hair, same outfits, same angle. 

I have grown to a hate of anyone named Misha.. It is mixing in with my reality and I am dying, I honestly hope Misha drops her phone in a puddle that was on top of dog shit that was on top of a vent and that vent leads to hell.. I have a problem, anD I LOVE IT SO MUCH I HOPE YOU KEEP WRITING BC YOU'RE AMAZING AND ILY AND AH

You have very strong feelings about this and it pleases me. AND THANK YOU SOSOSOSO MUCH LOVELY YOU’RE WAY TOO SWEET 

i'm so excited yet sad for the next chapter i could pee and that's how you know you're a good writer man

awe thank you! I hope the ending is good O__O i’m pretty nervous to write it tbh 

a had an uber weird dream where I was in the dauntless faction but for some reason we weren’t in like caves and shit we were in some white family’s house and four HATED me so he hired a vampire girl to come rip me to shreds and I kept trying to get help from my friends but whenever I did they would turn out to be the vampire chick in disguise. She kept intimidating me and telling me how she was going to kill me but I figured out in my head how I was going to defeat her. then I went to that white family’s house and they were all eating pizza so I had some pizza and four was being really nice to me and I was like “four if you don’t hate me, why did you hire that vampire?” and then he was like “because I hate people with stinky pizza breath” and I laughed and said “better be careful. You’re saying that to a dauntless” and then I showed off my lack of muscles and we both laughed even though I died inside and went to go brush my teeth but the bathroom upstairs was being used by two little annoying kids who wouldn’t leave so I went downstairs to look for a bathroom and the white family’s mom came down and told me which door to go to, but it led to her son’s room. So I went in anyways and looked for a sink or a bathroom door and on her son’s computer screen there was this colorful menu screen and it was like “ARE YOU READY TO HARVEST THE FLESH AND SOULS OF HUMANS!?” in a fun voice and I was like okay that’s creepy but more importantly I need to brush my teeth. So eventually I finally found the bathroom but at this point I had already shoved my toothbrush in my mouth and began to brush my teeth (idk why i thought the mirror was so important) So anyways I finally find the bathroom and I forgot to brush my tongue but I didn’t have enough toothpaste left to do so, so then i look through the bathroom for toothpaste and find a tube. SO I put it on my toothbrush and started brushing but it immediately foamed up and I realized it was like squeezable hand soap. And then four called me up because we had to fight zombies who were climbing the wall  whilst we sat atop a speeding train and that’s where I woke up. 

YES you watch US big brother! My family and I are addicted to that show. I totally wouldn't mind if you live blogged it or anything

ooh! who are you rooting for? who do you think will win? tell me tell me

do you have a crush on dan?

not in the slightest. i just write for people that do haha 

I think when you start your new fic it should still be a danfic ☺️

maybe :s it’s just hard to use him as a character over and over. you know? but then again idek who else i would write about bc dan really has on of the strongest imagine communities. 

so today i made a account so then i can write things about other shows and shit and not annoy people on this blog! 

sneak peak at my next dan imagine! 

are you gonna do another fic when the receptionist ends? :)

yeah for sure!  things to keep in mind are that:

a) it most likely won’t be a comedy 

b) it might not be a dan imagine (there’s a good chance it will though) 

but yeah I’ll keep writing :) i love chaptered fics and hearing what people think and stuff. 



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