please please please don’t waste your time messaging me nice things. I can’t stand hurting more people than I will. Just look past these and pretend you never saw them. Pretend I’ll just quit tumblr. please don’t it’s not worth it. please don’t try to save me please save yourself. there is nothing anyone could say to fix it. this is about me and me alone. everyone dies, right? the cause doesn’t matter in the end. i’m just going to bed earlier than a few of you i guess.

i really appreciate that you’re all trying but it’s not worth it. please don’t please don’t. keep moving on. keep going with your own life. keep going. 

this is way beyond and angsty teenage impulsiveness at this point. I’m not going to kill myself because of what’s currently going on, but you must understand that I have no future. I have ruined my future completely, and now I have to get rid of myself before it happens. 

It’s not even about hating myself or thinking I’m ugly. I have no chance at happiness. It’s all over. Everything is over for me. I don’t want to die but I have to. I’m sorry. 

please know that I am completely aware that people love me and care. thats what makes it so difficult. I don’t want to hurt them but I have to. I have to get rid of myself soon. Before it’s too late. 

it won’t be for a while. i’m so scared to die but I know I must. I still need to get my supplies. it won’t be for a while 

you’re all so sweet to message me. thank you. but please understand this isn’t a problem, this is the only way. i don’t want to die but I have ruined every chance at life I had. i have to die. talking won’t help. writing won’t help. this is all about me and everything i have destroyed. I am beyond repair so I must destroy the last thing I have left. I’m sorry to involve you all. 

i’m sorry to all of you that ever go on my blog. i’m sorry. i still don’t have the resources but I know it’s the only way. i’m sorry. 

usually these feelings go away, but they aren’t feelings anymore. this is a truth inside of me. my fate is sealed. i’m done for. I haven’t even gotten a chance at life and It’s finished

please unfollow me. i don’t think I will post anything happy or anymore writing before my death

i can’t even cry anymore. it’s all empty and dry fear. because I know now that this is my only choice. It was never my decision to make. This is my only path. 

i have nothing. no one is here for me. i have nothing it’s over. everything is telling me i just need to die

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